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"Baxter House"


Kingston Ontario


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At Green Woods Inn we offer our guests a selection of gourmet teas

These have become so popular that we are pleased to offer our selection for you to enjoy at home!

Now available in 500g & 50g packages

$35/500g - $4.50/ 50g



Earl Grey 

Flavoured Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe

An unbelievable aroma that portends an unbelievable taste, flavoured with natural oils


Irish Cream 

(just to confuse) Sri Lankan Orange Pekoe

This tea really captures the sweet creaminess of Irish Cream a spot of milk opens up the flavour


English Breakfast - Yorkshire Harrogate

A luxury Black tea - few teas have such rich fullness & flavour



BOP (Broken Orange Pekoe) Indian Estate Tea

One of the nicest teas produced.  It has pronounced orange blossom-like flavour with a light golden cup.  Best enjoyed in the early morning  


Chocolate Mint

Classic Ceylon tea character

A lovely combination of mint with the irresistible aroma of chocolate


 *Rooibos - Provence

Flavoury with a floral and fruity bouquet and lavender notes


*Rooibos -  Candy Ginger Peach

Refreshing early summer sweet peach notes with light ginger hints.  A superb sprightly finish that makes your taste buds come alive


*Rooibos - Sunshine Lemon

Fruity with sweet notes.  Flavouring with Lemon Grass gives this Rooibos a very fresh taste


Lucky Dragon Hyson  - Green Tea

Young Hyson

A pleasant fresh greenish taste.  This cup has good body with a green-yellow liquor




* No caffeine tisanes

Packing & Shipping extra