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Curry Original

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We offer creative dishes from various regions of India. Every item on our menu is prepared with authentic Indian herbs and spice and prepared in our kitchen with extreme care to ensure that you are served consistently good meals.


All ingredients are of the finest quality, natural, and fresh. We use as many organic products as possible. Our meat, poultry, and seafood are of top quality. No artificial flavour, colour, or preservatives are used. Herbs, spices and garnishes used in the recipes include: ginger, garlic, turmeric, cumin, black cumin, coriander, cayenne, onions, cardamom, fenugreek, black pepper, mustard, cloves, bay leaf, nuts, coconut, rose/kevda water and saffron.


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From Our Open Tandoor
A Tandoor is a vat shaped clay oven (you can see ours) heated with hardwood charcoal. It opens at the top and meat is lowered into the oven on skewers while the naan breads are stuck to the inner side of its walls and baked. The enclosed heat slowly and simultaneously bakes, roasts, grills and smokes food, rendering the meats well done, yet juicy and soft with a smoky flavour. Meat, fish, and seafood are marinated in our special yogourt, spices and herb sauce for 24 hours before going into the Tandoor



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Sample Dinner Menu

Some items may change depending on seasonal demands


Served with Naan bread, pickles & chutney


Mulligatawny Soup - a traditional Anglo-Indian spicy soup with lentils, chicken
base, vegetables and lime juice.


Mixed Appetizer - One Samosa and three pieces of Onion Bhaji


Main Course

Spicy Lamb Madras - a combination of yogurt, cream, sugar, coconut, peanuts, raisins 

and rose water ~ garnished with almonds and sautéed onions. Served with rice 


Butter Chicken - Marinated chicken breast skewered in the Tandoori oven,

 then diced and simmered with cream, yogurt, coconut, sugar, raisins, peanuts and clarified butter. 

Garnished with almonds and sautéed onions. Served with rice. (Very mild)


Beef Curry - Traditional dish where everyday spices are used such as ginger,
garlic, tumeric, cumin coriander and salt, with onions, cilantro, tomato, green peppers and yogurt

Served with rice


Vegetable Dish

Mushroom Bhaji - Fresh mushrooms cooked with tomato, onions and fenugreek leaves


Mixed Vegetable Curry - Potato, carrots, green beans, lima beans, green peas, 

chick peas, brocolli and cabbage.


Kulfi  - Creamy rich, Indian mango ice cream. Garnished with pistachio


Tea or Coffee