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"Baxter House"


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History of Green Woods Inn

Originally called Maple Close

Information from Noreen Baxter Belfie


George Baxter emigrated from Dundee Scotland in 1818 to become the principal of the Royal Grammar School in Kingston.  He bought 400 acres and built Cataraqui Grange out along Hwy 15.  George Baxter later lost his job after the rebellion of 1837 as he was the brother-in-law of William Lyon Mackenzie (grandfather of Prime Minister William Lyon Mackenzie King)  When his son Peter married Catherine Morrow, George built them a house on what is now Green Woods Inn (Circa 1850) and called it Maple Close. 

Their son James Baillie Baxter married Margaret Hester Davis and they resided at Maple Close Farmhouse.  On or about 1910 the property was extended to its present size using lumber milled from maple trees taken from the farm.  James and Margaret had four children:  Florence Helen, William Cecil Sharp, Ethel Davis, and George Young.  William Cecil Baxter married Ada Mable Wiltse and took over Maple Close.  Cecil and Ada had two children - Noreen Baxter Belfie and Margaret Baxter Cochrane.  After Cecil's death, Ada Baxter sold Maple Close to Reg Greenwood in 1954.       

The Greenwood family (from whom the Inn was named) lived in this home from 1954.  Although many repairs and renovations have been undertaken over the years the fundamental shape and elevation of the building remains unchanged since1910.  The warmth, charm and character of this wonderful Victorian home are immediately apparent upon entering the front door where a warm welcome awaits within.  The feeling wellbeing upon entering the Inn is what present owners Nigel & Tessa Dearsley call 'the magic of Green Woods Inn'



Maple Close 1942 (Jim Baxters House)

 "Grandpa Out Front"


The following extract is from Pittsburgh Pubic Library, historical records: -

Baxter's Nose Circa 1930

Baxter’s Nose’ may still be seen in the field opposite the Inn.

Margaret age 4 & Noreen age 7 1937

With Grandpa


Noreen (age 9) & Margaret (age 6)

March 10th 1939



Margaret & Husband Bob Burns

Planting a Witch Hazel Tree at Green Woods Inn, 26th Sept 2004

In memory of the Baxter family who lived here from 1850 to 1954

We wish to offer our special thanks to Noreen & Margaret for their kindness 

and wonderful assistance in researching the history of Green Woods Inn (Maple Close)