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Canadian ~ Hypoallergenic

Featherbeds, Duvets, Pillows & more 

"Like Sleeping on a Cloud"

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At Green Woods Inn we take great pride in the quality of comfort offered to our guests.  We are now pleased to be able to offer a range of sleep products to enable you to recreate that special feeling of luxurious comfort in your own home.  

Come stay a night and experience for yourself or order direct using our toll free line 1 866 878 1884. 

Did you know that a single down cluster contains thousands of fluffy thread-like arms growing from a central quill point to create an intricate lacework of comfort and warmth?  It takes thousands of these delicate down clusters to create a mere ounce of down.  Found on the undercoating of waterfowl, these super-soft, lightweight puffballs have the amazing ability to trap warm, still air.  From this is created the cosiest, comfiest bedding.  See below ~ the myth surrounding allergies!

Product information

Luxurious Duvets - White Down, 75% cluster - (also available in oversize)Hypoallergenic

100% calendared-cotton coverings, double-stitched and piped finished edges are designed to exceed the expectations of customers who compare these products to similar, or even higher-priced items on the market.

Double 80" x 88" $225
Queen  90" x 90"    $265
King  106 x 90"  $300


Silk Duvet 

Breathable, lightweight and naturally hypoallergenic - a luxury to be enjoyed year round.  The fill is 100% natural silk and the shell 300 thread count 100% cotton. Available 

Twin 64" x 88" $210
Queen 90" x 90" $295
King 106" x 90" $340



Pillows - (Available in Soft, Medium & Firm) Luxurious Feather (80%) & Down (20%)


Standard (Medium fill) $49
Queen (Medium fill) $54
King (Medium fill)   $64

 Pillow Protectors $12.00ea.



Hypoallergenic - Used on top of your existing mattress this 'topper' provides three inches of feathers with topping of cotton batting for a feather bed feel that provides the ultimate in comfort and support - Top compartment - Cotton Batting.  Lower compartment - Small Waterfowl Feathers - Cover 200 Thread count 100% cotton

Superior Featherbed:

Double  54" x 75"  $215


Queen 60" x 80" $230


King 78" x 80" $250



* Feather bed protectors are made from 205 Thread Count, 100% White Cotton (Washable)



White Down Blanket

Enjoy the comfort & luxury of this down Blanket.  Beautifully finished with a three inch satin hem, this lightweight blanket can be used year round for those requiring very little warmth - Fill White Down, Shell 240 Thread count, 100% cotton

Double 82" x 92" $170
Queen 94" x104" $190
King 104" x 104" $220




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The Myth Surrounding Allergies

A note from our supplier:

"Research indicates that people are rarely allergic to down or feathers; rather it is the dust, dirt, and residues that remain attached to insufficiently cleaned materials that actually causes a reaction.

All down, feathers and wool used in these products are cleaned and sanitized to consistent levels of quality above and beyond even government and industry standards.  Down and feathers are put through extensive testing procedures, controlled and recorded by certified lab technicians, to ensure a superior, clean, quality down and feather product."

Down/Feather Blends
Since small feathers are cooler than down, the right combination of down and waterfowl feathers can create a delightful duvet quilt.  Let us know your sleep room temperatures to advise your best option.